Egypt and East Africa


British establish steamship service to India via Suez


Khedive Mehemet Ali, fought against Ottoman Empire

1839 - 1841

Work began on the Suez Canal April

April 1859

Ferdinand de Lessups, French businessman, organised the Suez Canal construction

1863 - 1869

Suez Canal Opened November 17th


sultan of Zanzibar Bargash, agreed to end the slave trade in his domain


Khedive Ismail, Egyptian gov sold 176,000 Suez shares to Brit gov Nov

November 1875

Stephen Cave, Brit financial inspector of Egyptian finances April 4

April 1876

Principle of dual control by France and Brit over Egyptian finances est May 2

May 1876

Sultan of Zanz Bargash communicated with germs - refused brit protectorate


Mackinnon proposed Brit assume administration of Zanzibar in name of Sultan


England + France gain cabinet seats + cntrl over Egyptian finances Aug 15

August 1878

First egyptian Army Mutiny Feb 18

February 1879

France and England sgned a treaty--the "Joint Anglo-French note" Jan 8

January 1882

Khedive Tewfik, was forced to appoint nationalists as PM and war minister Feb 25

February 1882

Monarchist military conspiracy exposed + the members arrested April 12

April 1882

British and French ultimatum forced te nationalist government to resign May 25

May 1882

France + Britain sent small naval squadrons to Egyptian coast May 20

May 1882

Egyptians rioted and killed about 50 Europeans in Alexandria on Sunday June 11

June 1882

British bombarded Alexandria July 11

July 1882

Brit milit intervention began with Tewfik's cnsnt + Brit captured Suez Canal Aug

August 1882

British defeated the Egyptian army at Tel-el-Kebir Sept 13

September 1882

British occupied Cairo Sept 15

September 1882

British abolished dual control with France Nov 9

November 1882

Mahdi, Egyptian army led by Brit Gen. Hicks defeated at eL obeid (Sudan) Nov 5

November 1883

Gen Gordon went Khartoum to evacuate Egyptian garrison Jan 6

January 1884

Karl Peters Grm explorer collected treaties in Lake Vic region (E.A)


A British army left Wadi Haifa to lift the seige of Khartoum Aug

August 1884

Berlin Conference opened Nov 15

November 1884

Gen Gordon killed at Khartoum Jan 26

January 1885

Mahdist revolt in Sudan prevented Brit withdrawal from Egypt


The Berlin conference ended Feb 26

February 1885

Germany Brit + France create boundary commission to divide sultan's domain Nov

November 1885

france + Brit settle E.A land claims Oct

October 1886

Brit + Ottoman sign treaty for Brit withdrw frm Eyg but Sultan backs away May

May 1887

MacKinnon became 1st director of IBEAC


Mackinnon ask Brit gv to help IBEAC construct railway to Buganda Dec

December 1890

Brit declared protectorate over Buganda