Memoirs/Deimos History

Gareth's life

Ajax Deimos (Gareth's Father) comes to Earth

January 1, 1993

Gareth's Father dies

February 6, 2001

Gareth meets Robert

July 15, 2016

Gareth and Original Alice meet

September 28, 2016

OrA Disappears

December 8, 2016

Gareth, Robert, and AI Alice board the Tsiasazan

May 14, 2019

CE and HIL War

Unu's star goes supernova prematurely

December 7, 1941

The H.I.L. forms as a minority group in the New Crasidian Senate


The HIL officially split from the Crasidian Union


Sparks riots across Crasidian Space

The Crasidian Senate is dissolved


Crasidian Empire formed, war declared on HIL

HIL begins to target High Augs


All 3rd and most 2nd Order Augs dead


Unu History

Earth Beings appear

25000 BC

Sky Beings arrive

15000 BC

Parallels European arrival in Americas

Tshiasazan announces his love of Cara

11893 BC

Goes into hiding to avoid wrath of purist majority of Sky Beings

Sky Being-Earth Being war

11892 BC - 11000 BC

Sky Beings Victorious

11000 BC

Almost all Earth Beings are massacred. Unu assigned to watch over "The Device", and Surrak is accepted as the patron of Law for his neutrality.

First humanoids arrive in Heridia

10901 BC

Originally tolerated by Sky Beings, soon the humanoids (known as the "Young Ones") are pressed into servitude and become a veritable slave-race.

"The Device" is overcharged by a human female

10501 BC

Grants humans equal reasoning and intelligence to Sky Beings. Unu is cast out of Heridia as punishment for his failing.

The first "Vatone" begins his rebellion.

10018 BC

Successfully drives Sky Beings off the planet Unu

Sky Beings leave

10000 BC

Xion is born

2915 BC

Xion's lifetime

2915 BC - 2715 BC

Xion kills Jidihiaya

2892 BC

First Augs enter military service

2655 BC

GUT found by Unu Scientists

2508 BC

First wormhole flight leads to discovery of Earth by Crasidians

2498 BC