video games


arcade games

1980 - 1989

the 1st video game was shown in 1980 with name pacman. since then many arcade games like zaxxon,zektor,dig dug,star wars t.i.e fighter,mario bros (which in 1985 the first consoles with name nes came out with super mario bros and with atari {who didn't end so well}),hang on and many other arcade games

16 and 8 bit era

1990 - 1995

in this decade the consoles like sega mega drive,master system,game gear and nintedo snes are the rulers of video gaming industry.heroes like mario and sonic are successfully making sells and they are rivals

32 bit and new gaming levels

1995 - 2002

around the 1995 the playstation, the nintendo 64 and sega 32x are reaching a new level in video games industry. computers are making their first steps in gaming (especially in dos) and new heroes are rising

2D,3D and new levels in gaming industry

2000 - 2009

video games have reached more levels. playstation 2, xbox, gamecube and portable consoles are booming with million sells and success beyond any limit. new heroes are making their appereance while older ones are surviving in that decade. computers are making their 1st steps beyond

the rise of HD

2006 - 2012

new consoles like playstation 3,xbox 360, nintendo wii and psvita are making the video gaming industry having more money. there are many new heroes and the computer gaming is growing mature

4K and HD

2012 - 2020

in that moment many games are getting more maturity and that helps the gaming industry to make HD games. computers have been successful and they are used for gaming too. the virtual reality is finally happening

future of video games

2014 - 2050

virtual reality will have been an major role for gaming while 4K,3D and HD will have been successfully. computers will be able to continue running more games and perhaps the heroes of the past may be dead or facing challenges