The Middle Ages (500-1500 AD)


Richard I became King of England

1189 AD

King Richard had also been Duke of Normandy, Aquaitine, and Gascony, and Lord of Cyprus.

Declaration of the Magna Carta

Approx. 1215

The Magna Carta was a paper saying that everyone has equal rights and the right for a fair trial. It was put into place by King John, but one year later abolished by Pope Innoncence II.

Marco Polo leaves for his expedition

Approx. 1271 AD

Marco Polo was leaving for Asia.

The Great Famine

1315 - 1317

The Great Famine or Great Hunger was a period of time in Ireland when food was very scarce.

100 Years War

Approx. 1337

The Hundred Years' War was between England and France. The war started when Charles IV died and Edward III thought he had the right to take over France.


Approx. 1348

The black plague or black death was a deadly disease spread first by rats and fleas, but then humans started attracting the plague and spreading it as well.

Joan of Arc

Approx. 1431

Joan of Arc was executed in England at the age of 19.

Johannes Gutenburg

1444 AD

Johannes Gutenberg invents the printing press.

The Ottoman Empire capture Constanstinople

Approx. 1453 AD

Constanstinople is now called Istambul.

Leonardo da Vinci

1482 AD

In 1482 Leonardo da Vinci paints the Last Supper.