World History Timeline


Agriculture develops in Mesopotamia

7000 BC - Present

Sumer was a very inventive country. They invented many things such as the wheel. One of these things was agriculture, which we now are very grateful to the sumarians for.

Agriculture develops in Egypt

4500 BC - Present

Agricultural houses start to grow in Egypt. This process greatly boosts the economy within Egypt. As a result, this starts the beginning of the process to lead Egypt to the new kingdom.

The rise of Sumer

3500 BC - Present

The Sumarians grew to the world and brought many inventions with them. Such as the wheel, jewelry, the chariot, etc. All of these things are part of daily life today (except for the chariot :) ).

Sargons empire

2334 BC - Present

Sagon becomes Akkadian ruler. He was born and raised on a farm. This shows people what they can do with theirselves.

The Creation of Hinduism

1500 BC - Present

Hinduism origanolly developed by a mix of two cultures. The oldest Hindu religion book is the Vedas. They try to mordernize what we have today for religions.

Ramses the great dies

1237 BC - Present

Ramses the great dies from disease. It was all very sudden when he unexpectedly dropped dead next to his high priests feet. They buried him in a tomb were king tut would soon be by his side.

Roman Empire Begins

753 BC

No one knows how or when Rome was founded. One tradition describes how Romulus and Remus founded the city of Rome in 753 B.C. But it is fairly certain that a people called the Latin's lived on the cite of Rome as early as the 700s B.C.

The Creation of Buddhism

587 BC - Present

Buddhism was developed in India. There god and prophets name was Buddha. He taught you would be purer an free if you unattached yourself from things you hold dear.

Establishment of the Empire

27 BC - 337 AD

Rome was successful in holding conquered territory for several reasons. They built excellent roads, aqueducts,and bridge, so skillfully that they are still in use 2000 years after they were constructed. The principles that bound the Roman Empire together - justice, tolerance, and a desire for peace - influenced countless generations.

The Creation of Christianity

67 AD - Present

Christianity started when Jesus started teaching what he believed. Christians believe God sent Jesus into the world as our savior. The Catholics have now become one of the worlds greatest religions.

The Fall of the Roman Empire

337 AD - 476 AD

After Constantine died, great disorder followed. The people couldn't provide enough soldiers to defend the empire. Additionally the prices rose, trade declined, people left, and finally Rome was invade from everywhere.

Aksum defeats Meroe

350 AD - Present

Aksum attacks Meroe with victory and success. Aksum and Meroe were never friends. Aksum was under depression and needed more land, solution, attack Meroe.