dust bowl


severe drought

1930 - 1931

The crops died so the roots were not holding the soil in place, and farmers over plowed fields witch made the soil soft.

dust storms

1932 - 1933

fourteen reported dust storms and 38 the next year

FDR takes office

march 4, 1933

country is Deseret. congress comes up with the banking act

the emergency farm mortgage act

may 12, 1933

$200 million for refinancing mortgages help farmers foreclose

bye bye pigs

September 1933

6 million young pig slaughtered to stabilize prices.

Farmers strike

October 4, 1933

The largest agriculture strike in American History. More than 18000 cotton farmers went on strike for 24 days. 2 men and a women were killed.

great dust strom

may 1934

great dust storms spread from the Dust Bowl area. The drought is the worst ever in U.S. history, covering 75% of the country

Taylor grazing act

june 28, 1934

FDR took land from the people to but in plants to hold the soil in.

land gone

december 1934

35 million acres were destroyed of topsoil.

Black Sunday

April 14, 1935

The worst sand storm of the Dust bowl occurs.