Mia Boyd


Creation of Medicine

4000 BC - Present

Herbs and plants were used to create medicines. The development of medicine is still very crucial to our society. This event helped branch the way to new cures and vaccines.

Body System & Leeches

3000 BC - Present

Believed the body consisted of channels for air, tears, blood, etc. If the channels became clogged, leeches were used to open them. Once they open up a bite wound they secrete an anti-clotting enzyme called Hirudin into the bloodstream so that blood will keep flowing (leechestheraphy.com) Leeches are still used today, but not as commonly.


3000 BC - Present

The Ancient Egyptian's priests were the first to study medicine & surgery in a temple (Imhotep being the first physician). This helped branch the career paths for doctors.


3000 BC - Present

The Egyptians were the first to maintain accurate health records. Medical workers need to make/ take accurate notes for the purpose of any mishaps or understandings.


1700 BC - Present

The Ancient Chinese were the first to carefully monitor the pulse rate of the body. Measuring your pulse rate allows you to prevent/ seek help for heart conditions that may occur.


1700 BC - Present

The Chinese believed in the need for treating the whole body through spiritual awakening. It lowers stress and allows controlled breathing. It is still used today, but it is not as commonly used today.


753 BC - Present

Early hospitals were when physicians cared for ill people in their homes. In today's society hospitals have been upgraded to their own building, and they can hold hundreds of people in them. This makes it easier on doctors instead of going one by one.

Healthy Life Standards

753 BC - Present

Diet, exercise, and medications were used to treat disease. Today, we still must work on these common essentials to live happy, healthy lives .


460 BC - 377 BC

Father of medicine. Developed an organized method to view the body. Recorded signs and symptoms of many diseases. Created the Oath of Hippocrates which is still used today.

Cladius Galen

129 AD - 199 AD

Noticed that the imbalance in the humors (blood, phlegm, black bile, & yellow bile) resulted in illness. He also describe and studies inflammations and diseases. This allowed some doctors to review symptoms to prevent disease.