My English Identity Timeline


First interest in becoming a teacher

November 1, 2001

This was the first time I thought about being a teacher. My father got his degree in criminal justice and worked as a prison guard, but in 2001 he made a career change becoming a special education teacher. Seeing what he did on a daily basis got me starting to think about my career as a teacher.

Decided English or Social studies was the way to go.

August 18, 2004

This was my senior year and I barley passed my last required year of math. This was where I was sure that either english or social studies was my 2 final subjects I could teach because of my struggles in math.

Signed up for community college

August 5, 2012

After almost 8 years removed from high school, I decided that school was the only option for me. I went into getting my AAT at Leeward and had a wonderful English Professor that had taught me that english is not just a subject about essays and books. It was about much more, it was about social issues, world events, a variety of perspectives that I would never be able to think of.

Made the final decision to go into the English field of study

July 15, 2014

I had to make a decision as I was transferring to UHWO, I had to choice between History and English. I knew History was always one of my favorite subjects, but English felt like a challenge that I wanted to conquer. I took a leap and chose to take on the challenge and be enlightened my the many interesting theories and perspectives of an English Humanities degree.

Senior Project/ Influential Professor

January 11, 2016

During my last year at UHWO, I had a influential professor that helped mold my understanding of literature and how it's a blend of history and philosophy. I chose her to become my senior project professor to gain even more insight before I graduated later that year. I ended up doing my project on neocolonialism within Hawaii and more specifically, Waianae, Hi. This brought me to do a ton of research on the schools there and the community.

Graduated with my bachelors in English

May 5, 2016

I finally finished my bachelors program and with that, I gained the confidence I needed to be able to know the english content in the classroom.

From Substitute to Emergency Hire

August 8, 2017

This was the start of my second year as a substitute at Waianae high school. I would always have conversations with admin or staff about job openings and what was going on in the school as far as curriculum goes. One morning one of the VP's asked if I wanted an interview for an English teacher position that opened up. Of course I said yes, and now I am teacher 10th grade English as an Emergency Hire.