Antonio Melchionna


Pre-Celtic Britain

6000 BC - 700 BC

the populations started metalworking and manufacturing leather

The Celts in Britain

700 BC - 54 bc

they were farmers, workers and hunters
they built a massives hillforts

The Roman Empire

54 BC - 410 AD

they were attracted by the agriculture of the south
built a lot of military towns named "castra"

The Anglo-Saxons

410 AD - 1066 AD

The Anglo-Saxons left their lands because these were flooded

The Norman Conquest

1066 - 1086

The born of Feudal System in Britain and a Transformation of language, social and cultural life

Battle of hastings- 14 October- 1066


William kill Harold I the Anglo-Saxon's king

The Doomsday Book


list of different type of land their use the number of people and animals
also it gave an economic picture of William conquests

Anarchy and Henry Plantagenet

1087 - 1189

a long period of in-land war by Matilda and the queen Stephen
and also the crowned oh Henry II that was the most powerful monarch in Europe

Magna Carta


was a charter that demanding specific liberties organised by the barons

The Paesant's Revolt


John of Gaunt introduced the poll tax
consequently Wat Tyler gathered a huge crowd of people and marched in London to abolish these taxtes