World History Events Timeline

by Thomas Minichiello

World History Events

Age of Absolutism

1550 - 1800

A period where European nations became superpowers and Kings became Absolute Monarchs having total rule over their country.

The Enlightenment

1650 - 1800

A period of intellectual, cultural, and philosophical change; including ideas of logic, freedom, reason.

War of the Spanish Succession

1701 - 1714

Austria, Britain, Prussia, Netherlands vs. France, Spain, Bavaria over the succession to the Spanish throne and fear of a French-Spanish Union.

The Industrial Revolution

1750 - 1850

A period where social, cultural, and economic conditions were effected due to changes in technology, agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and transportation.

Improved Steam Engine Patented


Engineer James Watt invented an improved steam engine which was used to apply power to all types of machines.

The French Revolution

1787 - 1799

A period where French citizens decided to overthrow the absolute monarchy government to gain freedom and equality.

Treatise on The Rights of Women is Published


Enlightenment Philosopher Condorcet believed that women have the same natural rights as men.

Storming of the Bastille


French Salesmen and Craftsmen attacked the Bastille prison which was a symbol of the King's power. The rescue team called by the King decided to fight with the revolutionaries. The fall of the Bastille was one of the first major events of The French Revolution.

The Latin American Revolutions

1791 - 1826

A series of wars where the Latin American countries fought for their independence from the French. By 1826 all of the countries gained independence.

The Haitian Revolution

1791 - 1804

Haiti was the first Latin American country to fight for and win its independence.