World history


The Ten Commandments

4000 BC

The Ten Commandments were given to Moses by god. They were ten of god's laws for the Hebrews. People still obey the commandments from then to now.

Civilization started

3500 BC

The first people were settled in Mesopotamia but no one knew where they came from. They settled near the rivers so they can farm. They built many countries in the area.

Farming developed

3400 BC

Farming developed around the rivers they did that because they could get water for there crops. They had fresh crops every year.
They grew corn and lots of vegetables

Sumer built

3300 BC

Sumer was built by the Sumerians to protect them from surrounding countries. Sumer became the Capitol of an empire. Sone Sumer fell from the surrounding countries.

The great pyramid

2540 BC

The great pyramid was built for Pharos tombs. It's a great place to visit. It's located near two another pyramids.

Crossing the Red Sea

1446 BC

After the Hebrews escaped Egypt they crossed the Red Sea to get to the promise land. Led by Moses they crossed the sea. With the power of god he lifted the Red Sea for a clear path and then drowned Ramses and his men.

The sphinx

1200 BC

The sphinx was built by Ramsses the great. It had a head of a human and a body of a lion. No one knows who it was. Right behind it is the great pyramid.

Dark age

1000 BC

The dark age was the fall of power in Greece. It began with the fall of Rome. It lasted for years until the classical age

Rome founded

700 BC

Rome was said to be founded in two ways. One is a legend of Romulus and Remus. Another is by the Trojans after the war.

Alexander the Great

356 BC

He was the most power full generals in Greece. He became king of Greece and lead till the dark age. He was killed in 323 BC

Classical age

323 BC

The classical age is when Greece was at it's best. Greece was full of riches and joy. Later the dark age came and Greece fell.

2nd Punic war

218 BC

The second Punic war was when Hannibal invaded Rome with war elephents. He lost most of his elephents with one remaining later he got more. Rome won the war but Hannibal escaped and killed him self so he would'nt be captured by Rome

Ceasers death

98 BC

After returning from Gaul ceaser announced that is dictator for life. When the senet heard of this they where afraid that ceaser will get to much power and make him self king. The senet went and found ceaser and stabbed him to death later his son Octavian killed the asinns and became dictator.

Christ is born

0 AD

Jesus was born in judea in the town of Bethlehem. He was born in a stable in a manger. The father of Jesus was god.

Jesus's death

30 Ad

After the last supper Jesus was arrested. Pontions pilot leader of the Jews had him crucified. Jesus died on the cross three days later he was said to have rose from the dead.