World Timeline



7000 BC

Egypt Agriculture

4500 BC

Agricultural communities develop in Egypt. The act of farming means agriculture. It changes human society forever.


2350 BC - 2330 BC

Sargon of Akkad conquers Mesopotamia and forms the worlds first empire. Sargon served Ur-Zababa, the king of Kish. Later Sargon took over the Sumerian ruler and his city and built it into a military base.


1770 BC

Hammurabi of Babylon issues a written code of laws. Hammurabi was a war leader. He made 282 laws to deal with everyday life. The laws on everything like trade, loans, theft to marriage, injury, and murder.

Ramses dies

1237 BC

In 1237 BC Ramses The Great dies. Ramses had a region witch was one of the longest in Egyptian history. They fought Hittites a group from Asia Minor. They fought for many years and could not defeat the other so they singed a peace treaty and became allies.

Rome is founded

753 BC

Legend says Rome is founded by two brothers Romulus and Remus. They were raised by wolfs. Romulus killed Remus and later named the city Rome from his first three letters of Romulus and the second letter of Remus.

Kush conquers Egypt

730 BC - 700 BC

Egypt once conquered Kush so after Kush got strong again they conquered Egypt. When Kush got stronger Egypt got weaker. The armies of Kush captured many cities of Egypt one witch was the ancient capital of Egypt.

Cyrus The Great

585 BC - 529 BC

He was a great emperor because for the way he treated the conquered people. Cyrus did not make his people adopt Persian customs. Jews and Babylonians had great respect for Cyrus.

Alexander The Great builds his empire

334 BC - 323 BC

Alexander was the leader of a very great empire also known as an army, earning the name Alexander The Great. They defeated most little army's to create one big empire. He deafened the Persian army so many times the Persian king left.

Rome battles Carthage

264 BC - 146 BC

Rome and Carthage Doug in the Punic Wars. These were the fiercest wars Rome fought it was held in northern Africa. Punic means Phoenician in Latin.

Rome conquers Eygpt

30 BC

This ended the Hellenistic Age. The rulers of Egypt encouraged the growth of Greek culture. Egyptian kingdom lasted longer than the other Hellenistic kingdoms.


1 AD - 30

Jesus was crucified in 30. He was the founder of Christianity. He taught about love and kindness for god.


72 AD - 80 AD

The Colosseum was used to entertain the public with free games. Sometimes even the emperor would take part in the action. This was a way to increase an emperors popularity.


570 - 632

Muhammad dies. He was the founder of Islam. Muhammad's teachings make up the Qu'ran.

Muhammad, Mecca


Muhammad was born in Mecca.In 622 Muhammad left Mecca. Later after that he died.