World timeline

World events

Egypt and kush develop agriculture

45000 bc

Agriculture develops. They used the rivers for protection too.

Mesopotamia begins

35000 bc

Mesopotamia was a city-state that lies between two rivers. (Tigress & Euphrates) it was called the furtle crescent.

Agriculture develops

7000 bc

Mesopotamians dig a small canal to water there crops. They dig the canal into there gardens .


4000 bc

A very strong religion.

Coquinaform was created

3000 bc

A form of writing created to keep track of all the stuff they did. Couinaform was the first thing of recorded writing.

Old kingdom rules

2700 bc - 2200 bc

This was a period witch Ramses the Great ruled. This was a hard time some say.

Judiasme starts

2000 bc

A religon that had a worship of one god.

Ramses the great ruled

1279 bc - 1213 bc

Some say he was a terrabul ruler. Some say different.


250 bc

Another religon.