The French Revolution


The Meeting of the Estates General

May 5 1789

King Louis XVI called The Estates General to meet at Versailles. King Louis's goal was talk about raising taxes to pay of debt.

The Tennis Court Oath

June 20, 1789

The Tennis Court Oath was when each estate came to vote on taxes and the first and second estate tried to make the third estate pay more taxes.The third estate then fought against the first and second estate.The third estate took over the Bastille and stole weapons.

The storming of the Bastille

July 14, 1789

The Storming of the Bastille was when the people broke into the Bastille trying to get weapons.The storming of the Bastille was the symbolic start of the french revolution.The people came to steal munitions but the Bastille only help 7 prisoners.

The Reign of Terror

September 5 1793 - July 28 1794

The Reign of Terror is when 40,000 people were beheaded. They were accused of being traitors. Maximilien Robespierre started the Reign of Terror.

The rise of Napoleon and Creation of an Empire


After getting political power of France , Napolean defeated Austria and northern Italy. Napoleans popularity helped him over throw the government.After being defeated Napolean was exiled and sent to the islands of Elba and St.Helena.

Napoleons's Empire collapses

1804 - June 18,1815

Napoleon's empire collapsed due to three main reasons.The continental system,the economic warfare in form of blockage of Britain.The Peninsular war tried to get Portugal to submit to continental system by going through spain. Invasion of Russia after Russia refused to stop selling grain to Britain.

The Congress of Vienna

1814 - 1815

The Congress of Vienna was two main actions.The allies redrew the map of Europe.Also restored the kings who had ruled before Napoleon.