the french revolution


the meeting of the estates general

may 5 1789

king Louis xvi called meeting because french government was having problems with money.

the tennis court oath

June 20th 1789

everyone in the third estate vowed not to disband until french adopted a new french constitution. its called tennis court oath because they took the oath in an indoor tennis court room

the storming of the bastille

july 14 1789

people come and destroy prison and cause the king and queen to get there heads cut off

the reign of terror

September 5 1793 - july 28 1794

purge France and keep invaders out

the rise of napoleon and creation of an empire

november 17 1799

he had political power and decided to crown himself king

the congress of vienna

november 1814 - june 1815

meeting of ambassadors

napoleon's empire collapses

june 18 1815

he made a lot of mistakes trying to gain more land