french revolution


the rise of napoleon and creation of an empire

1789 - 1799

was a french military leader and a emperor. he rapidly rose through the ranks of the military. after seizing power in France he crowned himself emperor

the meeting of the estates general

may 5,1789

the estates general was a legestive body. the king would call the meetings. the estates general didnt meet reguraly

the tennis court oath

june 20,1789

they took an oath to not seperate. they will not seperate until a constitution was written. the king locked them out of their meeting hall

the storming of the bastille

july 14,1789 - 1789

the bastile was attacked. the prision was a symbol of monarchy. the event one of the biggest moments in the revolution

the reigh of terror

september 5, 1793 - july 28, 1794

it was caused by many factors. the first was the seizure of the national convention. they inculded crushing the revolt.

Napoleons empire collapses

1804 - 1815

his desire for power lead him to the peak of his empire. he committed 3 big mistakes trying to expand his land.then a bunch of countries join and declared war against France.

The congress to Vienna

1814 - 1815

they meet in 1815 by the four powers. they tried to prevent political revolutions. king Louis XVIII was an ally by the british