Dank WWI Timeline


Franz Ferdinand is Assassinated

Jun 28, 1914

This day marks the assassination of Ferdinand. I chose this because I believe it was the reason the war started. Even if tensions were rising before this event, this was the ultimate cause of the war starting.

Austria Declares War

Jul 28, 1914

Even though Austria was warned about the visit they are furious about the assassination. A month after the death of Ferdinand war is declared. I chose this because it marks the start of the violence to come.

Germany Declares War

Aug 1, 1914

Germany declares war on France and subsequently Russia as well. I chose this because in doing so, Germany but stress on themselves with enemies surrounding them now. This would force them to make a decision.

Two Front War

Aug 3, 1914

With Germany already having declared war of France and Russia, they had a lot of enemies to deal with. Germany decided the best tactic to limit their danger would be to march through Belgium. I chose this because it introduces Britain into the fight and starts trench warfare.

Chlorine Gas

Apr 22, 1915

Germany attacked French forces with over 150 tons of the lethal gas. I chose this because it marks the day when a new type of warfare was introduced into battle

Lusitania Sinks

May 7, 1915

A German submarine sunk the ship called Lusitania. The ship had over a thousand passengers aboard and at least one hundred were American. I chose this because the death of the American civilians caused outrage in the United States.

Zimmerman Telegram

Feb 25, 1917

This intercepted message was one from Germany attempting to get to Mexico. The message requested that Mexico aid Germany in taking out the United States. In return, Germany promised to give Mexico back Texas and other parts of America. I chose this event because this message enraged the United States and was one the reasons they joined the war.

Wilson's 14 Points

Jan 8, 1918

These were the points made by Wilson to why the war should end. I chose this because it was a step towards peace and the foundation of the peace negotiations.

Germany and Russia Peace

Mar 3, 1918

Peace between the two countries proves to be helpful to the Germans. With the treaty, Germans can focus their troops to the Western front. I chose this because it added pressure to the enemies of Germany being they could focus on just a single front.

The Treaty of Versailles

Jun 28, 1919

A treaty Germany was forced to sign that made them pay reparations to other countries. I chose this event because it is the main cause of the war to happen in the future. It completely blamed Germany and put them in a position almost impossible to recover from.