French revolution timeline


The rise of napoleon and the creation of an empire

1789 - 1799

The meeting of the estates gerneral

May 5, 1789

The meeting of the estates general was called because the french government was having financial issues. the king would cal one of those meetings when he needed advice with something. The generals did not meet regularly because the last meeting before that was in 1614.

The tennis court oath

June 20, 1789

It was when the third estate began to call themselves the national assembly. The king had kicked them out of the castle and they didn't like it. So they broke into the castle and they went and had their meeting in the tennis court. That is how the tennis court oath happened.

The storming of the bastille

July 14,1789

The storming of the Bastille was when the national assembly stormed through the streets of France. they broke into the prison and took all the weapons and gun powder and killed most of the people in there, the guards and the prison.

The reign of terror

September 5 ,1793 - July 28,1794

The reign of terror was when 40,000 people got beheaded. Maximilien Robespierre was in charge of this terrible time. He said that 40,000 people had done something against him or France but the thing is most of them were innocent.

Napoleon's empire collapses

September 14,1812 - June 18, 1815

Napoleons empire collapsing was the battle or waterloo where he met his match the British. He had made three mistakes and he had also been more worried about getting new and more land. So that lead to lots of other people getting into france doing bad things.

The congress of Vienna

November, 1814 - June, 1815

At the congress or Vienna the ambassadors of Europe got together and redrew the mad of Europe. Napoleon had messed up the map. They also had restored the kings back to France.