The French Revolution


The Meeting of the Estates General

May 5th, 1789

In 1789, King Louis XVI called for a meeting of the Estates General. The Estates General was composed of representatives from all 3 estates. He called for the meeting due to the french governments financial problems.

The Tennis Court Oath

June 20th, 1789

The tennis court oath was an oath performed by the National Assembly. It happened when the third estate agreed with the other estates to meet up. The other estates revolted by locking the door and the third estate acted by breaking in and agreeing not to separate whatever the circumstance.

Storming of the bastille

July 14th, 1789

The storming of the Bastille is when a state prison was ambushed by the peasants and robbed of their guns and the heads of state officials. Anyone who seemed suspicious was killed too.

The Reign of Terror

September 5, 1793 - July 27, 1794

The Reign of terror was a time period of mass killing where there were around 40,000 deaths from the time ranging from September 5th, 1793 to July 27, 1794

The Rise of Napoleon & Creation of an Empire

November, 1799 - December 2nd, 1804

Napoleon Bonaparte was a french general born on the island of Corsica. He then made it up the ranks to military general. When he gained enough power he crowned himself emperor.

The Congress of Vienna

November, 1814 - June, 1815

The allies redrew the map and restored the kings back to Europe.

Napoleon's Empire Collapses

June 18th, 1815

This occurred when Napoleon's greed lead him to his fall on the battle of Waterloo to great Britain, he was then exiled to the islands of st. Helena where he later died at.