French Revolution


The Rise of Napoleon and Creation of an Empire

1789 - 1799

The French had crowned him emperor because he was strong. It was important because he did a lot for France. He ended up being exiled

The Tennis Court Oath


The 3rd Estate's new name demanded more power and vowed a fair Constitution, Tennis Court Oath. It was important because led to another event. It also had the citizens angry.

The Meeting of the Estates General


The meeting was called for to raise taxes to pay off debt. It was important because it helped the citizens in France. The rebellion parliament had also been a thing.

The Storming of the Bastille

July 14, 1789

The King tried to stop the National Assembly and led to a mob overtaking Bastille to steal weapons.It was important because led to the other events that happened. The prison was a symbol of the monarchy's dictatorial rule.

The Reign of Terror

Sep 5, 1793 - Jul 28, 1794

It was where 40,000 people ,were suspected of being traitors were beheaded. It was important because Maximilien had started the a new goverenment. It also had led to France becoming weak and corrupt.

Napoleon's Empire Collapses

May 30, 1813

Napoleon was exiled to Elba. It was important because he ended up coming back. He also had been exiled to Saint Helena.

The Congress of Vienna

Approx. November 1814 - Approx. June 1815

The allies redrew the map of Europe. It was important because it restored the the kings rule. It also was the meeting of ambassadors of the Europeans states.