Gavin Oki


8th Grade

Approx. 2004 - Approx. 2005

I enter into a private school for the first time. I had a rough time adjusting to intermediate school. After 7th grade my parents decided to put me into a private school. My English teacher, Mr. Mike, was a very humorous and intelligent teacher who helped lay the foundations for my love of language arts.

High School

Approx. 2005 - Approx. 2009

My high school teacher, Mr. Corson, taught me English in my freshman and sophomore years. Prior to having his classes I felt as though I was weak in English but he inspired me to become more proficient and confident in my abilities.

Comics and Manga

Approx. 2006 - Present

I started reading a lot of comics and manga in high school with my friends. It was something that brought me and my friends together. I still really enjoy reading them and I feel like they have more value than people often give them credit for.


Approx. August, 2009 - Approx. 2011

Dorming was the first time I was away from my parents. I think that time really helped me figure out how to talk to people more. Before that I was much more introverted and I had difficulty talking to those I was unfamiliar with. I think that's helped me a lot in being able to form connections with relative strangers.


Approx. August, 2009 - Approx. 2012

I majored in English and met a lot of interesting and helpful professors and peers.


Approx. September, 2009 - Present

My fiance has been a big inspiration in my life. She's helped me be more driven towards my goals and she helps keep me on track. With her help I think I've become a much better person than I would otherwise be. She's also a teacher and being able to hear stories from her and being able to bounce ideas off of her have been invaluable to my everyday life and ideas about teaching.


Approx. 2010 - Approx. July, 2015

I tutored students in general subjects from K-12. It gave me a lot of experience with a wide variety of people, from skilled and dedicated to lazy and uninterested. I feel like this job helped prepare me to handle a wide variety of students.

Educational Assitant

Approx. December, 2015 - Present

Being an EA has helped me understand special needs a lot more than before. Understanding the different types of students has helped me a lot in how I treat my students on an individual level. I also think it's helped me get a leg up over those who don't know how to engage with special needs students.