World War 1 Most Important Events


Francis Ferdinand was Assassinated

June 28 1914

This event led Austria to declare war on Serbia. Both countries had bigger allies that would be ready to step in. This made things bigger than they should have been, resulting in one of the main causes of WW1

Germany marched through Belgium

August 2 1914

Germany wanted to prevent a 2 front war so that everything would be better for them. Belgium was neutral but was against siding with Germany. Germany was angry because they wanted Belgium to join them.

Britain Declares war on Germany

August 4 1914

This event amplified the fighting. Russia was now entered into the war and Germany was fighting multiple countries. The Allies began to show who they were, and who they sided with.

First Use of Poison Gas

January 3 1915

This new use of toxic gasses made everything worse. It was believed to be unfair by a lot of countries and could kill people in mass numbers. Additionally it could go out of control and ruin an area.

Drafting in Britian

January 27 1916

Men who were ages 18-41 could be sent to war even if they did not want to. There were not enough volunteers and propaganda was used to influence the men.

America Joins the War

April 6 1917

Germany sent Mexico a telegram trying to get them to attack America. Germany underestamted America as they came strong and with very large numbers. Germany had upset America by being on their land and sending the telegram to Mexico.

Russia Leaves the War and Has a Revolution

November 8 1917

Russia finally decided to leave the war since it was best for them in the moment. It was unsuccessful for Russia and only caused death, debt, and trouble. Germany gained a lot from Russia leaving the war.

Germany's Spring Offensive

March 21 1918

Germany was now free from any enemies to the North. They were determined to make one last large scale push before all of the American troops arrived.

Hundred Days Offensive

July 18 1918

As the Americans were growing closer and closer, the Allies decided to launch a series of attacks on the axis. This was a point were the German Commanders had known that they would lose the war.

End of the War & Leading to the Start of WW2

November 11 1918

An armistice was signed that involved Germany surrendering the Western Front. The Germans surrendered in France which made the soldiers feel betrayed. Harsh punishments were put upon Germany and this is ultimately said to be the reason why WW2 started.