“A short history of Mexico”


The Arrival of Hernán Cortés to Mexico


Hernán Cortés arrived in Cozumel Island on 1511, later he arrived in Rio Grijalva, Tabasco. His objective was going to get the Mexica Empire. He was from Spain, he came with his group of soldiers to try Conquest Mexico.

Francisco Hernandez Expedition


In 1517, Francisco Hernandez found by accident the “Peninsula de Yucatan” and a mexican culture named Mayas. He made a big expedition all over Yucatan, they got in very problems with the Mayas and few time later they went out of mexico, going to Cuba.

Fall of Tenochtitlan


In 1521, was the falling of a big city named tenochtitlan, the Aztecas lived there for 200 years, until Hernan Cortes and Spain troops arrived, This was the principally region for the Aztec Empire. Their last king was arrested, who’s name is Cuahtemoc.

First Mexican Empire

1821 - 1823

The First Mexican Empire, a period that followed the Treaties of Córdoba, extended from 1821 to 1823.
Executed the Independence of Mexico, the old viceroyalty derived in a constitutional monarchy that although it increased the power of Mexicans and Creoles in the region, it did not eliminate the presence of the Spaniards in the newly born Mexico.

War against drug trafficking

11 December 2006 - Approx. Present

The war against the drug trafficking is an internal armed conflict freed in Mexico that there faces the Mexican State and the Groups of Popular and Community Self-defense against the cartels that control diverse illegal activities, principally the illegal drugs traffic.

43 Ayotzinapa

26 September 2014

The night of 26 and the dawn of September 27 of 2014, Mexico lived one of the most devastating history: the attack to students of the Rural Normal School Raúl Isidro Burgos of Ayotzinapa. The balance of the massacre: six dead persons, three of them students; a student who survives in the vegetative state, and 43 missing students.

Second leak of "El chapo"

11 July 2015

Joaquín Guzmán Loera used a tunnel that was turning in to its cell to escape, without anybody noticing it, of the penalty of maximum safety of The Plateau. In whole,Guzmán Loera is accused of 14 federal crimes, like drug trafficking, murder,association to commit an offense and money wash. Also, it concludes the portal,is accused it of introducing in the United States up to 25 % of the drug that is consumed in this country.

19S Earthquake

19 September 2017

An earthquake of magnitude 7.1 was recorded on the Ritcer scale with the epicenter in the state of Morelos. Balance of 369 people, more than 150,000 homes destroyed and miles affected. This event caused millionaire economic losses and shortage of services in affected areas, however there was a wave of humanitarian aid from more than 15 countries and international organizations, as well as from the same country.