Cold War Timeline


Iron Curtain

May 5th, 1946

The iron curtain was a boundary created by Winston Churchill that established a boundary between between Eastern and Western Europe. Winston Churchill created a speech that warned Stalin about these boundaries and how he opposed the spread of communism. This event angered Stalin and caused the beginning pf the Cold War.

Truman Doctrine/ Marshall Plan

March 12th, 1947

Harry S. Truman made a policy to counter the Soviet Unions geopolitical expansions. Truman created the Truman Doctrine in which he said that he would promise to contain threats to Turkey and Greece. Four months later Truman aided Western Europe nearly $14 billion dollars this was called the Marshall Plan.

Berlin Airlift

June 24th, 1948 - May 12th, 1949

This event was in response to the Soviet's Blockade into West Berlin. The United States began flying supplies such as food ,fuel, medicine and other supplies to the Berlin Citizens for nearly a year. This is because the Soviet's blocked all railroads, roads and canals so the U.S. brought supplies over. Without the United States, Berlin would had only had enough food to last 36 days and fuel to last 48 days.

War in Vietnam

November 1st, 1955 - April 30th, 1975

This was a war intended to prevent communist take over of Southern Vietnam by the Soviet Union. This was caused because Northern Vietnamese government wanted to unify Vietnam, this was also known as the Fist Indochina and was against the United States and France. This event was 20 years long but resulted in a Northern Vietnamese victory.


October 4th, 1957

This was the World's first artificial satellite that was successfully launched by the Soviet Union. This event began the space age because of putting the first man-made object into space. This raised tensions during the Cold War as the Soviet Union and United States were both working on developing new technology that was better than the others.

U-2 Incident

May 1st, 1960

This was a U.S. secret spy plane that was sent over to fly over and photograph denied territory inside Russia. This plane was shot down and caused a cancellation to an important meeting between Eisenhower and Khrushchev that was planned later in May. The soviet Union captured the pilot, Francis Gary Powers and sent him to prison for 10 years for espionage charges

Bay of Pigs

April 17th, 1961 - April 19th, 1961

This was a military invasion of Cuba were 1,400 Cubans tried to overthrow the president, Fides Castro. This is because of the plan that was not thought out and coordinated correctly. Although this didn't war, Che Guevara who was a revolutionary leader who lead the 1,400 Cubans during Bay of Pigs thanked John F. Kennedy because although it failed the United States still helped out.

Berlin Wall

August 13th, 1961 - November 9th, 1989

The Berlin wall was built to stop the flood of refugees from Eastern to Western Europe. Although this defused the crisis over Berlin, 171 people were killed trying to get over. On the Eastern side the wall was called the death strip because patrolling soldiers were ordered to shoot people trying to get to the other side. On November 9th, 1989 the wall was taken down after the Berlin Crisis.

Cuban Missile Crises

October 16th, 1962 - October 28th, 1962

A direct and dangerous confrontation between the United States and Soviet Union. This was the moment when it was closest to nuclear conflict during the Cold War. Because of this, the United States and the Soviet Union created the Limited Ban Test Treaty which banned all nuclear testing except for the underground.


May 26th, 1972

This was a series of treaties named Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty or SALT. SALT involved the United States and the Soviet Union. This treaty made the Soviet Union and the United States limit the number of nuclear weapons.