WWI Timeline


Triple Entente and Triple Alliance is formed

Approx. 1907

These two superpowerful teams build up armies, and improve there technologies. This makes both the Triple Entente and the Triple Alliance feel threatened by one another.

Balkans take over

Approx. 1912

The Balkans (Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, Montenegro) took over turkey. After doing so caused war over land and rivalries to began. They were now known as the Balkan powder keg because of the tensions building up.

Japan joins ally forces


Japan adds strength to the Triple Alliance. They take over germans outpost in China, weakening German forces.

Assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand

June 28, 1914

This event caused Austria to go to war with Serbia. Some of the triple entente and triple alliance were alliaces, so in turn they went to war too.

Alliance system at war

august 4 1914

Germany invades a neutrual Belgium; Belgium had an alliance with Great Britain. This infuriated Britian, so they went to war with Germany. Now both of the alliences were at war.

Women and the War

Approx. 1915

Women acted as nurses and cooks. They were everything men weren't during the war. Thus adding effecency of soldiers on both sides.

Armored tank


Brining the tank into the war changed everything. This cause germans to make and use newer technology like zeplins.

USA enters WWI


Becasue if Germany's unrestricted submarine warfare, and the attack of American ships, America became a new force for the Triple Entente

Loss of Motive


Soldiers in Germany lost much of there reason to fight. They only got into this for another country and now they were the bad guys. At this point in time Germany's front was mostly 15 year olds.

WWI Ends


Delgates gather in russia to descuss peace terms and agreements.