Untitled timeline


They would use soap to kill bacteria but they didnt know the bacteria was inside your body not out


1890 - 1920

They use soap as antibiotics to kill bacterias

Alexander Flemming

1928 - 1929

Alexander did some research to find some cure to kill the bacteria inside of our bodies


1929 - 1930

Alexander Flemming and Howard Flourey presented the antibiotic Pencillin

The use

1930 - 1944

Doctors started to prescribe pencillin to their patients

Life Expands

1944 - 1972

Since they started using the new antibiotic of pencillin peoples life where expanded


1950 - 1960

They used pencillin as a emergency antibiotic and they started to do more researches for new types and class of antibitocs


1960 - 1970

They came up with new antibiotics

Popular Antibiotics

1970 - 1999

pencillin was the most common antibiotic

Powerful Antibiotic

1999 - 2000

They came with a new drug called Zyox the most powerful antibiotic.