April 11 1935

Kuklinski murders George Malliband

February 1980

Kuklinski allegedly kills NYPD detective Peter Calabro under the orders of Gambino underboss, Sammy Gravano

14th March 1980

Kuklinski murders Louis Masgay

1st July 1981

Kuklinski kills Paul Hoffman by bludgeoning him then stuffing the body in an oil drum

April 1982

Kuklinski murders crew member Gary Smith by giving him a sandwich laced with cyanide

December 1982

Kuklinski murders crew member Danny Deppner

January 1983

Convicted of 4 murders (Masgay, Malliband, Smith and Deppner) in New Jersey Court, the 5th one (Paul Hoffman) was dropped for lack of evidence


Kuklinski pleads guilty to the 1980 murder of Peter Calabro, earning himself another 30 years in prison


Kuklinski dies a suspicious death

5th March 2006