Historic Roman Events

Main Events

Romulus Founds Rome

753 BC

Twelve Tables Written

450 BC

Constantine Moves Rome's Capital to Constantinople

330 BC

Constantine Signs the Edict of Man

313 BC

1st High-level Aqueduct Built

312 BC

1st Punic War Begins

264 BC - 241 BC

Hannibal invades Italy

218 BC

Scipio Defeats Hannibal

202 BC

Tiberius Gracchus is Assassinated

133 BC

Sulla Marches on Rome

88 B.C.E

Cicero Becomes a Senator

63 B.C.

Caesar Defeats Pompey, Declares Himself Emperor

45 bc

Caesar is Assassinated

44 B.C.

Caligula Becomes Emperor

37 B.C.

Octavian Defeats Marc Antony

31 bc

Jesus is Born

0 ad

Nero Commits Suicide

68 ad

Colosseum is Completed

80 ad

Trajan Becomes Emperor

98 ad - 117 ad

Hadrian's Wall is Built

122 ad

Marcus Aurelius Becomes Emperor

161 ad - 180 ad

Diocletian Divides the Roman Empire

293 ad

Christianity Sole Religion of Rome

391 ad

Became the sole religion of the whole empire. (Just couldn't fit that in the title).