English Monarchy


Charles I

1625 - 1649

Oliver Cromwell

1653 - 1658

-Puritan leader

Charles II

1660 - 1685

Restoration- culture and government

James II

1685 - 1688

Believed in Absolutism

William III and Mary II

1688 - 1702

William of Orange and his wife Mary
Called the Glorious Revolution-bloodless transfer of power

Queen Anne

1702 - 1714

Struggle to find successor due to many dead heirs

George I

1714 - 1727

Could not speak English- born and raised in Germany

Whig Control of Parliment

1721 - 1742

Over powered the Torie- both political parties

Limited Constitutional Monarch Began

1721 - 1742

George II

1727 - 1760

Cpuld speak English but still born in Germany
Advised by Sir Robert Walpole until 1742 when he became the prime minister from being the Kings chief minister
Sir Robert Walpole- worked for the House of Commons and created a more effective cabinet


Long Parliment

1640 - 1660

-meeting with King consistently
-disabled power to dissolve parliament

Civil War

1642 - 1649

Charles against Parliament

English Revolution

1642 - 1660

New Model Army


Defeated Charles, led by Cromwell

Rump Parliment


-Abolished house of Lords and monarchy
-pronounced England as a commonwealth or republic
-beheaded Charles

Thomas Hobbes + John Locke


Thomas Hobbes- Leviathan
believed people had the right to express belief and control their own country
John Locke - 2 treaties of government
- give up individual rights to government who knows better

Navigation act


Requirement for shipping
-all good must be on English boats when coming from other countries

War with Dutch

1652 - 1654

1st written constitution


Established by Cromwell
-landowner elect Parliament
-attempted twice, first in Europe

Monarchy Restored


30 years before King and Parliament would actually work together

Habeas Corpus


Peoples rights before and after being arrested

English Bill of rights


Parliament choose ruler
Ruler must confer with Parliament and cannot interfere with election
Free speech for Parliament
Private citizen protection

Toleration Act


Religious Freedom

Cabinet + Prime minister created

1690 - 1740

Act of Settlement


Kept Catholics from English throne

Act of Union


England and Scotland became Great Britian