Lincoln a Photobiography by Russell Freedman

Ryan Norrid 8B


Birth Date.

February 12, 1809

This is when Abraham Lincoln was born.

Abraham Lincoln's family moves.


His family moves to a big peace of land on a farm.

Abraham Lincoln's Mother dies.

October 5, 1818

This is when his mom, Nancy Hanks Lincoln dies at the age 34.

Abraham Lincoln settles down.


He settles down in New Salem.

Abraham Lincoln is elected.

August 4, 1834

Lincoln is elected to the Illinois General Assembly.

Lincoln is re-elected.


He is re-elected into the Illinois General Assembly.

Abraham Lincoln marries Mary Todd.

November 4, 1842

Abraham marries Mary Todd.

Abraham Lincoln's firstborn.

August 1, 1843

Abraham Lincoln has his first child.

Abraham Lincoln Patented Steamboats.


He patented a system to alter buoyancy of steamboats.

Lincoln is Elected into Office.

November 6, 1860

This is when Abraham Lincoln became President.

National Banking Act.


Abraham Lincoln created a national banking system.

Death Date.

April 15, 1865

This is when Abraham Lincoln died.

Abraham Lincoln Wife dies.

July 16, 1882

This is when his wife dies.

The Abraham Lincoln Penny.


This is when the Abraham Lincoln penny was made.