Route 66


The path through the wilderness


The route 66 follows and old path

A route to link Chicago and LA

Approx. 1923 - Approx. 1927

Cyrus Avery, highway commissioner of Tulsa Oklahoma leads an effort to link Chicago, Illinois and Los Angeles, California

The official designation of the route


With that designation came its acknowledgment as one of the nation’s principal east-west arteries. By the end of the year only 800 miles of Route 66 were paved.

Route 66 competing with railroad


For dominance in the shipping market

The first migration

Approx. 1930 - Approx. 1939

Route 66 was the scene of a mass westward migration, more than 200,000 people traveled from the poverty-stricken Dust Bowl to California.

“The Grapes of Wrath”

Approx. 1939

John Steinbeck immortalized the highway, which he called the “Mother Road,” in his classic novel

The construction of interstate highways

Approx. 1950 - 1953

the building of highways made older roads increasingly obsolete

The modern four-lane highways


These highways bypassed nearly all sections of Route 66.

The route was “replaced”

Oct 1984

Highway 66 completely succumbed to the interstate system when the final section of the original road was bypassed by Interstate 40 at Williams, Arizona.

Route 66 enters the realm of history

Approx. 1985

After the votes of AASH and TO for removing all the highway signs