My Hero, My Friend, Jimmy Bryan

Isabella Sampaio 7A


Jimmy Bryan was born.


Jimmy Bryan was born on January 28, 1926. He was born in Phoenix, Arizona.

Len Gasper was born.


In 1944, Len Gasper was born in Phoenix, Arizona.

Jimmy Bryan's first Indy car win.


In 1953, Jimmy has his first Indy car win. This was a very great accomplishment for Jimmy.

Jimmy Bryan and Len Gasper meet.


Jimmy Bryan and Len meet at the first driving championship.

Jimmy Bryan wins his 1st national driving championship.

November 1954

Indianapolis 500 champion Bill Vuckovich is killed while racing at Indy.

May 1955

Jimmy appears on the Ed Sullivan Show.

February 1956

Jimmy wins 2nd national driving championship.

November 1956

Jimmy appears on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

May 1957

wins 500 mile "Race of Two Worlds" in Monza, Italy.

June 1957

Bryan retires from racing.


Indianapolis 500


Jimmy wins the Indianapolis 500 race in 1958.

Jimmy switches racing teams

May 1958

Len becomes a freshman at Sunnyslope High School.

August 1958

Wins 3rd national driving championship in Phoenix in final race of the year.

November 1958

Jimmy's daughter was born.

December 1958

Jimmy returns to Indianapolis, and finishes dead last.

May 1959

Races at Indianapolis for the last time.

May 1960

Bryan finishes 19th place.

Attempts comeback at Langhorne Speedway.

June 1960

Jimmy was killed in a 1st-lap accident.

Jimmy Bryan's dies.

June 19, 1960

Jimmy Bryan died at age 34 on June 19, 1960. He died after a crash in a car race at Langhorne Speedway.