The Childhood of Walt Disney by Harrison Connell

The Life of Walt Disney

Dec. 5th, 1901 Walt Disney is born.


Walt's family moves to Marceline, Missouri. He grows up here on a farm.


Walt paints his first picture of a pig on the side of his house.


His father is angry and is upset with Walt's painting which he sees as foolishness and a waste of time.

Walt's Aunt Maggie visits for the Christmas season.


Aunt Maggie gives Walt a drawing tablet and a pencil and from there Walt starts to draw all the time.

A doctor asks Walt to draw a picture of his horse Rupert.


The doctor pays Walt a nickel for his work. Walt didn't know artists got paid for their work.

Walt becomes a newsboy.


Walt's Dad sells the farm and moves all the Disney's to Kansas city.


Walt gets a pair of nice boots for christmas.


One day as he walked back home from his paper route Walt kicked a big chunk of ice, but as he tried to pull back his foot he feles a big running pain in his foot. He looks closer and notices he hit a nail. He calls for help and is taken to the hospital. The doctors tell him they have to cut the boots, and he sadly agrees. His boots are now ruined and his foot is in a cast. These boots were Walt's very first nice present because Walt grew up very poor.

Walt starts cartooning.


Walt asks his dad if he can take drawing classes. At first his Dad doesn't want to but he signs him up for the course.

Walt goes to a magic show.


Walt becomes one of the assistants from the audience and Walt buys a magic kit.

Walt works at the train.


Walt's boss needs posters for an advertisement and Walt begins making great posters.

Walt gets a job at the Gray Advertising company to make Christmas posters.


Walt finds a new way to make animated cartoons.


Walt figures out you can put one picture on top of the other and it creates an overlay which is a huge time saver.

Walt meets a boy named Ub Iwerks.


Walt and ub become friends and both start a cartooning business in the newspaper.

Walt makes Oswald the Rabbit.


Walt makes Oswald the Rabbit with a distributer. As Walt asks for more money to expand the business they refuse. Instead he will give walt less pay, Walt refused but it was no use. The best artists were working for the distributer. Then Walt reads the contract and realizes theres nothing he can do.

Walt makes Mickey Mouse.


At first he named hi mortimer but renames him mickey.He becomes a huge success.

Walt makes his first films.


His first shorter film Steam Boat Willie was a huge success so he then made his first full length film Snow White And The Seven Dwarves.

The Magic Kingdom


Whenever Walt took his daughters to the amusement park he would sit on the bench and watch his daughters play while he ate peanuts. He would then say to himself, "Why can't they make a place that's fun for both kids and adults?" And from there he dreamed of the idea of Disneyland. Disneyland's construction began in 1954. The park opened on July 17,1955.

Walt Disney dies on December 15, 1966 of cancer.


Walt's death certificate states that he died of a heart attack but his lungs were filled with cancer.