Operation Car Wash


Arrest of Paulo Roberto Costa

March 2014

The former Chief of Refining and Supply for Petrobras arrested on charges of bribery and corruption. After evidence is found linking him to Alberto Youssef, a black market dealer.

President Dilma Vows Support for Operation Car Wash

April 2014

President recognises the efforts made by the anti-corruption task force and vows to aid in the prosecution of high level executives and corrupt politicians.

President Dilma Rousseff Re-Elected

October 2014

Despite Dilma's leadership being questioned after allegations of corruption within Brazilian politics, she formed a coalition government.

US Involvement in Petrobras Investigation

November 2014

Petrobras announces it is under investigation by US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for corruption.

President Dilma Fires Politicians

December 2014

President Dilma lets go Edison Lobão, the Minister of Mining and Energy and 54 other politicians. As a result of the ongoing bribery investigation with Petrobras.

Former CEO of Petrobras Arrested

January 2015

Nestor Cerveró, the former CEO of state-owned oil and mining company Petrobras is arrested under charges of bribery and corruption after Operation Car Wash investigation reveals new evidence.