Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Jusitce - Mira Briestensky


Claudette's sister dies

September 5, 1952

Claudette's sister, Delphine, was diagnosed with polio and she died very soon after.

Jeremiah Reeves arrested

November, 1954

Claudette's schoolmate and neighbor was arrested for supposedly raping a white houswife. he was sentenced to death in the electric chair. this made claudette very angry because if a white man had committed this crime towards a black woman he would have been let off. this is what made Claudette do he things she did.

Claudette refuses to move

March 2, 1955

Claudette Colvin boarded a Montgomery, Alabama city bus, and she sat down right behind the white section. Later, a woman was standing near her waiting for her move out of the seat so she could sit down. Claudette refused to give up her seat to the woman and the bus driver. The bus driver called the police, and she still refused to move. The police forcfully dragged her off the bus. claudette shouted "Its my constitutional right!" She was booked, fingerprinted, and jailed until her church's priest bailed her out.

Claudette's hearing

March 18, 1955

Claudette wa faced with three charges: violating the segregation law, disturbing the peace, and "assaulting" the policeman who pulled her off the bus.In the end of the hearing, she was charged with only two. The judge left out assaulting the policeman.

Rosa Parks arrested

December 2, 1955

Rosa Parks was on a city bus in montgomery and she refused to give up her seat when a white woman wanted it. She was escorted off the bus, but she was not handcuffed like Claudette.

Claudette gives birth

March 29, 1956

Claudette gave birth to her child. she was still in high school when she bcame pregnant. She was taken advantage of by and white man. she named her son Raymond.

Trial over segragation on city buses.

May 11, 1956 - June 19, 1956

Claudette and her father went to the trial. She and two other women that refused to move on the city bus were called to be witnesses. She gave powerful answers to all of the questions she was asked. The decision was made that the U.S. Supreme Court would decide what the outcome of the case would be.

segregated buses outlwed by Supreme court officials

December 20, 1956

Two U.S. Supreme Court officials came to montgomery and declared that sergregated buses be outlawed.

First day of integrated bus service in Montgomery

December 21, 1956

This was the first day of integrated bus service in Montgomery, Alabama. the blacks were free to sit whereever they wanted and never had to move.