My Life in and out of the Rough by John Daly Jonathan Mankin


John Daly marries for the first time

1987 - 1990

In the summer of 1987 John Daly married Dale Crafton and they divorced in February of 1990. They did not have any kids together.

1991 PGA championship

september 1991 - january 1992

In the 1991 PGA championship John Daly had just joined the PGA tour earlier in the year. He was named Rookie of the year for accomplishing this win.

John Daly marries for the second time

1992 - 1993

In the summer of 1992 John Daly married Bettye Fulford. In December John Daly was charged with an assault for throwing his wife into the wall. In early 1993 they were divorced.

John Daly marries for the third time

1995 - 1999

John Daly married Paulette Dean in 1995 and had a daughter names Sierra Lynn and then divorced in 1999

1995 British Open


There was lots of Drama in this golf event. An Italian man named Constantino Rocca was about to lose the tournament but then he made one of or the best shots in golf history and tied John Daly. John Daly ended up winning the tournament in a playoff for his second career major victory.

John Daly marries for the fourth time


John Daly married Sherrie Miller in 2001 and had a child named John Patrick Daly II. In 2007 Sherrie started fighting John with a steak knife inside of a restaurant and was charged with five months in prison.

2005 on the PGA Tour


In 2005 on the PGA Tour John Daly had two runner-up finishes to TIger Woods and Vijay Singh. The first one was at the Shell Houston Open and it went into a playoff and Daly lost on the first hole. In the WGC- American Express Championship Daly lost on the second playoff to Tiger Woods.

Surgery in 2009


In 2009 John Daly was being told that if he lost some weight he would start playing better golf. So he went to have lap-band surgery and lost 80 pounds.