Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany

January 30, 1933

Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of the German Reich. He is the Supreme Leader of the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers Party) and the S.A. (storm troopers)

Adolf Hitler is Given a Strong Vote of Confidence

March 5, 1933

Adolf Hitler receives a strong vote of confidence from the German People in the Reuchstagswahl (parliamentary elections)

Hitler May Create Laws

March 24, 1933

The Reichstag (German Parliament) empowers Hitler to enact laws on its behalf.

1 Day Boycott

April 1, 1933

Adolf Hitler proclaims the one-day boycott of all Jewish shops.

Non-Aryan are Forcibly Retired

April 7, 1933

All non-Aryan civil servants, with the exceptions of soldiers, are forcibly retired.

Kosher Butchering

April 21, 1933

Kosher butchering is forbidden by law.

Fewer non-Aryan's in School

April 25, 1933

Fewer non-Aryan children are admitted to German schools and universities.

The Third Reich

June 16, 1933

There are 500,000 Jews living in the Third Reich.

Chancellor and President


Hitler makes himself Chancellor and President.

Jewish Newspapers


Jewish newspapers can't be sold in the street anymore.