Soviet Union soldiers to Afghanistan


The Soviet Union sends soldiers to Afghanistan under the claim they want to help rebuild Afghanistan's economy.

U.S. funds Mujahedeen to fight Soviet Union

1979 - 1989

For 9 years, the Mujahedeen fight against Soviet troops in Afghanistan until finally, the Soviets withdraw. The country is left war-torn.

Soviet Union officially invades Afghanistan


The U.S. and the Soviet Union are in The Cold War. The U.S. does not like the idea of Soviet Union gaining power in Central Asia.

Soviet Troops withdraw - defeated by Mujahedeen


Troops withdraw, but the region is left in an unstable and war-torn. Many factions fought for control and it was not a peaceful time.

The Taliban gains prominence in Afghanistan


In the early 1990s the Taliban emerges in Northern Pakistan before gaining ground in Afghanistan. The movement promised to restore peace and security through strict enforcement of Islamic law.

Attacks on World Trade Center


al-Qaeda led a terrorist attack on the U.S. by crashing airplanes into the World Trade Center towers. Taliban was connected because they were protecting and influencing al-Qaeda and the terror movement.

U.S. coalition drives Taliban out of Afghanistan


The Taliban leader, Mullah Omar was not captured, but the Taliban was scattered and laid low for several years.

Malala Yousafzai shot by Taliban


Malala was shot by the Taliban to send a message about girls going to school. She did not die and instead continues to speak out for Afghani girls


Approx. 2013

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