Rape Of Nanking


Rape of Nanking


Many people were targeted in the city of nanking and murdered. The Japanese had began to view the Chinese as subordinate.

Dehumanization of Nanking

March 1, 1937

After the chinese decided that they no longer wanted to go to war, this gave the Japanese the benefit of seeing the chinese as less than human or somebody bowing down to them as peasants. The Japanese were sick people. They forced the males to rape their daughters, brothers had to rape their own sisters and they made sons rape their mothers and if a family member wasn't being raped they had to watch

Denial of The Rape Of Nanking

April 1, 1937

After thousands of women were gang raped by Japanese soldiers, they were stabbed to death or shot, so that they couldn't say anything or be a living witness.

Rape Of Nanking

April 10, 1937

It started to seem as if the two countries were against each other, not just the people or the armies. It was like one country vs another, one culture vs another, peace vs evil, or one threat vs another, nothing would've ended well.

Extermination in Nanking

April 19, 1937

The soldiers were instructed to cause a lot of pain and suffering to the Chinese no matter what. They used their heads as souvenirs and would stand happily with and around their corpses. Some were shot down and others burned alive, both with no remorse

Organization in Nanjing

May 13, 1937

The Army always gathered together against the chinese and performed horrible acts. They killed people, shot into crowds, and would even set buildings on fire after locking people of all ages inside.


July 16 ,1937

The Japanese let the chinese understand that at any time they could easily take over their land and the people's lives. They were ordered to kill everyone held captives


July 26, 1937

The people being held captive during war would all be gathered together and sent somewhere outside of nanking. But after a while the soldiers were tired of just focusing their bad stuff on everyone and they directed it more towards the women.