English Law and Government


Reign of William the Conqueror


William the conqueror was thought to be responsible for making England the most powerful nation in Europe.

Magna Carta


This document is said to be the most important in the history of democracy. It is the first example of the formation of democracy in Europe.

Model Parliament


Another example of democracy. This was setup by king Edward I and used representatives that were outside the clergy.

Reign of King James I


KIng James I avoided going to war and wanted peace.

Reign of King Charles I


The petition of right was formed during his reign after he summoned parliament for his third time.

English Civil War


This was caused when the contry split between those that supported the king and those that supported parliament. There where only 3 major battles.

Oliver Cromwell


He led 200 men in the beginning of the civil war.
These men were lightly armed. He also raised a troop of 60 horseman.

The Restoration


General George Monck restored Charles Ii in exchange for religious tolorence.

Reign of King James II


He converted to Catholicism. At age 51 he peacefully succeeded to the throne.

Glorious Revolution


Replaxed king James II with hs Protestant daughter.

English Bill of Rights


This is the beginnings of our bill of rights. It stated that people had inalienable rights.

Reign of Queen Anne


She was the last Stuart monarch but was the first married queen

Reign of King George I


He was not popular incengland because he could not speak English and there where rumors that he mistreated his wife.