War communism

Approx. 1918 - Approx. jan 1921

A policy of extreme collectivization to provide for the communists in the Russian civil war.

Red Terror

2 September 1918 - 1922

Soviet Ban on Factions


Ban on factions, once a decision is made it is the official opinion of the party and can not be argued against for fear of death.

Kronstadt Rebellion

3/7/1921 - 3/17/1921

A major uprising against the Bolshevik Government perpetrated by Stepan Petrickenko

New Economic Policy

March 21 1921 - 1928

An economic policy designed to relax the stranglehold (Guitar riff) that War communism put on the country.

lenin dies

january 21 1924

he ded

NEP Renewed


A renewal of the NEP

family code


Start of extreme control of family values

5 year plan

1928 - 1932

First 5 year economic plan

Trotsky exiled


He went to mexico