William Shakespeare's life from 1-18 years old


Queen Elizabeth


Queen Elizabeth became queen in 1558, 6 years before William was born. She liked peace and did not want war.

William Shakespeare is born


William was born around the year 1564, in Stratford-upon Avon, England, but the exact date of his birth remains unknown. Queen Elizabeth was queen during the time he was born.

William survives the black death

1564 - 1565

When William was just a few months old the bubonic plague swept through London and, fortunately, he survived it ,along with his parents.

Will's father becomes high bailiff


Will's father became high bailiff when Will was 4 years old. A bailiff is like the mayor which is a position of great honor.

Will saw the Queen's Men.


The Queen's Men, an acting group, came to Stratford to perform and Will enjoyed it and William's father, as high bailiff, allowed them to perform in town.

Will starts school

Approx. 1569

Will probably started school at five years old and he went to The King's New School.

Will begins to learn Latin.

Approx. 1571

Learning Latin was very important and Will began learning it at 7 years old.

Queen Elizabeth visits a castle.


When Will was eleven years old, Queen Elizabeth visited a nearby castle and there actors performed by dressing as princesses and beasts.

William's family falls into economic problems

Approx. 1577

Will's family suffered from economic problems due to the collapse of the wool trade.

William and Anne Hathaway

Approx. 1582

Will meets Anne Hathaway and they get married. Anne was 8 years older than him because, at the time, she was 26 while Will was 18.