The Life of Julius Caesar


Rome Begins

753 B.C.

Rome is founded.

Roman Imperial Power

753 B.C - 476

Roman Republic

509 B.C.

Rome becomes a Republic.


100 B.C.

On July 13, 100 B.C Julius Caesar was born.

Death of Father

85 B.C.

In 85 B.C Julius Caesar’s father died.

Siege of Mytilene

80 B.C. - 79 B.C.

In 79 B.C Julius Caesar was awarded the Civic Crown and would later on become a senator.

Fleeing Rome

80 B.C.

In 80 B.C Sulla the Dictator made Julius Caesar leave Rome.

Return to Rome

78 B.C.

In 78 B.C Julius Caesar was permitted to return to Rome Because Sulla had died.

Becoming Magistrate

65 B.C.

Julius Caesar became responsible for festivals and carnivals in Rome.

The First Triumvirate

60 B.C.

Caesar joined with Crassus and Pompey and formed the First Triumvirate.

Becoming Consul

59 B.C.

Julius Caesar is elected Consul of the Roman Republic.
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Death of Crassus

54 bc

Crassus died while fighting the Parthians while Caesar’s daughter(Pompey’s wife dies.)which strains the Triumvirate.
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Crossing the Rubicon

49 B.C. - 45 B.C.

Caesar crossed the Rubicon into Northern Italy which caused a civil war.

Defeat of Ptolemy XIII

48 B.C. - 47 B.C.

Caesar united with Cleopatra and made her ruler of Egypt.


44 B.C.

On March 15, 44 B.C Julius Caesar was assassinated.

Roman Empire Reaches Its Greatest Extent

117 A.D.

Western Roman Empire Falls

476 A.D.