A Season for All Things


Dreyfus Storyline

Contains Shades of Grey, Con Men, Creed of Vengeance, and Hereafter We Pass

A Creed of Vengeance


Clayton Creed is introduced as a former convict, now sheriff of a small town.

Dreyfus Arrested

March 2 1997

Officer Jeremiah Dreyfus arrested for the shooting of a fleeing suspect. Is charged with manslaughter and convicted.

Jeremiah Dreyfus Executed


Dreyfus executed

Con Men


Cassidy Linette sees the "light" while on a plane.

Shades of Grey


Cassidy receives journal of Jeremiah Dreyfus's
publishes a novel claiming his innocence

A Farewell to Arms


Tim Dreyfus, the son of Jeremiah, returns to his house one final time and is reunited with his past, and given a different point of view with the help of Creed

Question Everything

The arm of Q extends out to others

In The Jungle


Crow and his squad are attacked in the jungles of Vietnam

Bobo The Clown

March 1998

Ray Gunerson, or Bobo the Clown, struggles to find meaning in his life

The Gate Keeper


Q is asked to investigate a politician, and grapples with his nature as a result.

10 Seconds in August


Kevin Murdoch, years after his last fight, suffers from amnesia and dementia in a hospital, relives his last fight while watching it.



The Funeral for Kevin Murdoch
Those present: Cassidy Linette, Ray Gunderson, Crow, Adam Hudson, Q,