Rome and Greece Timeline


Rome Was Founded

1000 B.C.

Rome was founded in 1000 B.C.

Begining of city states in Greece

800 B.C.

Traditional date for the first historic Olympic games

776 B.C.

Latins move into Italy from Rome

752 B.C.

Rain of Servius Tullius/ He definded the sacred boundary of rome

587 B.C. - 534 B.C.

Pisistratus takes power in Athens for first time

561 B.C.

Lucius Tarquinius Superbus reins, the last Roman king builds temple of Jupiter

534 B.C. - 509 B.C.

Pisistratus dies, succeeded by sons Hippias and Hipparchus

527 B.C.

Hippias is forced to leave Athens

508 B.C.

Rome Punic war one

264 B.C - 241 B.C

Fall of ancient rome

150 B.C.E

Trebizond falls to the Ottoman Turks and Romain Empire falls