1950-1970 Timeline


Rock and Roll is born


Brinks Robbery in Boston

January 17, 1950

The Korean War Begins

June 25, 1950

Military Officials are sent to South Vietnam to provide economic aid to Anti-Communist Government

June 27, 1950

U.N. retreat towards 38th parallel

November 26, 1950

U.S. bans shipments to Communist China

December 8, 1950

The Rosenbergs are found guilty of conspiracy of wartime espionage

March 29, 1951

The ANZUS Treaty is created

September 1, 1951

Inauguration of transcontinental television takes place with a speech by Truman pertaining to the Japanese peace Treaty

September 4, 1951

Japanese Peace Treaty is Signed by the U.S., Japan, and forty-seven other nations

September 8, 1951

President Truman tries to halt the U.S. steel mills. The U.S. Supreme Court rules it as Illegal

April 8, 1952 - June 2, 1952

First Hydrogen Bomb, Mike, explodes in the Pacific Ocean

November 1, 1952

General Dwight D. Eisenhower wins Electoral College vote: 442 to 89

November 4, 1952

Eisenhower travels to Korea to calm a conflict

November 29, 1952

The Rosenbergs are executed

June 19, 1953

Korean War Comes to an end and an armistice agreement is signed

July 27, 1953

U.S. CIA overthrow the government in Iran

August 19, 1953

U.S. nuclear arsenal expands to protect the U.S. against Communist threats

October 30, 1953

Colored televisions are now on sale

December 30, 1953

Joseph McCarthy's hearings about Communists begins

April 22, 1954

Racial Segregation in public schools brings about Brown vs. Board of Education

May 17, 1954

Southeast Asia Treaty Organization is formed to create a mutual defense pact

September 8, 1954

U.S. agrees to train South Vietnamese troops

February 12, 1955

Supreme Court of U.S. orders desegregation

May 31, 1955

Rosa Parks refuses to give up seat

December 1, 1955

Eisenhower is inaugurated for a second term

January 20, 1957

President Eisenhower invites Khrushchev to his farm in Gettysburg

September 26, 1959

Sit-ins at a segregated lunch counter begin

February 1, 1960

A U.S. plane is shot down by the Soviet Forces

May 1, 1960

John F. Kennedy beats Eisenhower as the debate is the first to be televised

November 8, 1960

Bay of Pigs Invasion

April 17, 1961

Soviets begin the construction of the Berlin Wall

August 13, 1961

Vietnam conflict begin after Kennedy announces that there will be a fight

February 7, 1962

The Cuban Missile Crisis

October 14, 1962

"The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan" is released

May 27, 1963

Civil Rights March on Washington, D.C.

August 23, 1963

I Have a Dream is given by MLK Jr.

August 28, 1963

Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas

November 22, 1963

Tonkin Resolution is passed by the U.S. Congress

August 7, 1964

Lyndon B. Johnson becomes president of the U.S.

November 3, 1964

British Invasion begins


First public burning of drafts during a Vietnam war protest

October 15, 1965

The U.S. bombs North Vietnam

June 29, 1966

Summer of Love


Black riots take over U.S. cities

July 1967

U.S. halts bombings in North Vietnam

March 31, 1968

MLK Jr. is assassinated

April 4, 1968

Robert F. Kennedy dies after being shot in Los Angeles

June 5, 1968

Nixon takes back his seat as president

November 5, 1968

Vietnam war peace talks begin

January 25, 1969


January 28, 1969

Stonewall Riots

June 28, 1969

The Nixon Doctrine is released

July 25, 1969

During a Vietnam war protest, four student from Kent State were killed and nine were wounded

May 4, 1970