Thomas Jefferson


Birth of Thomas Jefferson

April 13 1743

Thomas Jefferson was born in Shadwell, Virginia, son of Peter Jefferson and Jane Randolph Jefferson



Thomas Jefferson begins studying at the College Of William & Mary

Stamp Act


The British Parliament passes the Stamp Act. Patrick Henry, a Virginia representative, leads the colonial resistance

Virginia House of Burgesses


25 year old, Thomas Jefferson is elected to the Virginia Hose of Burgesses


January 1, 1772

Thomas Jefferson marries Martha Wayles Skelton

First Daughter is Born

September 27 1772

Thomas and Martha's first daughter, Martha Jefferson is born at Monticello

Declaration of Independence

July 4, 1776

Jefferson's Declaration of Independence is approved by Congress and is immediately published and circulated throughout the colonies and in Europe

Secretary of State

March 21, 1790

Jefferson moves to New York, to take up his job as the United State's first secretary of state

Jefferson Inaugural

March 4, 1801

Jefferson is sworn in as the third president of the Unites States in the new capital city of Washington, D.C, becoming the first president to take office there

Thomas Jefferson's Death


Thomas Jefferson dies in his bed in Monticello, on the same day as John Adams, from health failure, fifty years to the day after the publication of the Declaration of Independence