Ancient Israel Timeline


Jacob Arrives in Egypt

1877 BC

The Hyksos People Invade and Introduce the Chariot

1670 BC

Nilometers Were Invented to Track the Height of the Nile

1648 BC

The New Kingdom Begins

1539 BC

Moses Builds The Tabernacle

1250 BC

The New Kingdom Ends

1070 BC

Saul Becomes First King

1050 BC

Jews Build First Temple

931 BC

King Solomon Dies Kingdom Divides into Judea and Israel

931 BC

The Babylonians Conquer Jerusalem

586 BC

The Persians defeat the Babylonians and allow Jews to go back to Jerusalem

538 BC

Alexander the Great destroys the Persian Empire and conquers Judea

333 BC

Alexander the Great Conquered Egypt and Founded Alexandria

332 BC

Queen Cleopatra Kills Herself

330 BC

Romans Capture Israel

63 BC

Julius Caesar Conquers Gaul (France)

58 BC

Julius Caesar Becomes Dictator of Rome

48 BC

Rome Invades and Conquers Britannia

43 AD

Herod's Temple Destroyed by Romans

70 AD