Ancient Mesopotamia Historical Timeline


Sumer arrived

3500 BC

The community called Sumer, arrived to the space of Mesopotamia and it started to develop and get evolve during the pass of the time.

Sargon the Great (Ruler of Mesopotamia)

2334 BC

Sargon, the ruler of Mesopotamia, took the control of the North part of Mesopotamia and Sargon created the first Akkarian Empire.

Sargon the Great in the Akkadian Empire (FINISH)

2279 BC

This year, Sargon finished the time he ruled in the Akkadian Empire in Mesopotamia.

Akkadian Empire Rulers (ENDED)

2200 BC

This empire, ended to rule in the year 2200 BC.

Invation to Akkadians Community

2000 BC

The Akkadian Community had an invation in the year 2000 BC by a trible. The trible was called Amorites.

First Babilonian Empire (START)

1750 BC

The 1st Babilonian Empire started in the year 1750 BC.

First Babilonian Empire (FINISH)

1600 BC

The 1st babilonian empire finish in the year 1600 BC.

Phoenician Community Travel

1000 BC

The Phonicia community in this moment, were traveling throw all the mediterranean sea with the main goal to share the different languages and cultures and also developing the activity of the trade. (exchange)

Persian people got ruled by Medes

700 BC

Persian community, got ruled by a man called Medes.

Assyrians Economy

650 BC

In this period of time, the Assyria community economy had an execellent period.

Assyrians became weak

626 BC

In this year, the Assyrian community became weak.

Chaldeans overcome the Akkadians

612 BC

In this year, 612 BC, the Chaldean community overcome the Akkadian community and the Chaldean community took the power.

The Persian King had won against the Medes

550 BC

In this year, the Persian King had won against the Medes.

Persian King captures the Babylonia Empire

539 BC

The Persian King captures the Babylonian Empire and it started to rule.