John Jay


Date of birth

December 23, 1745

Jay was born into a wealthy family of merchants and government officials in New York City.
he had a older brother named James jay


1760 - 1764

John jay went to Kings college at the age of 14 and graduated with high honors.

elected a member of NY committee of correspondence


He became a lawyer and joined the New York Committee of Correspondence, organizing opposition to British polices in the time preceding the American Revolution.

He was elected delegate to the continental congress

1774 - 1776

He was the Third Continental Congress elected John Jay, the former chief justice of the New York Supreme Court, as its president.

made first chief justice


he was the first Chief Justice of the United States

former president of the continental congress Became minister of spain

1778 - 1779

the former president of the Continental Congress, John Jay, is appointed minister to Spain and tasked with winning Spanish support for the American Revolution and Spain's recognition of America's independence.

elected president in the second contiential congress


he was elected president of the Continental Congress.

First chief of justice of the supreme court

1789 - 1795

The Jay Court refers to the Supreme Court of the United States from 1789 to 1795, when John Jay served as the first Chief Justice of the United States.

governor of NY

1797 - 1801

john jay was the second Governor of New York



may 17, 1829